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Custom Collection (Medium)

Custom Collection (Medium)


Two of our best selling 8 ounce glass jars and two 4oz black tin containers filled with scents chosen by you.  All beautifully boxed and packaged as your own signature collection.  Perfect for a gift or to enhance the beauty of your own unique lifestyle.  

  • Product Specifications

    1 - 8oz glass jar candle - Scent #1

    1 - 8oz glass jar candle - Scent #2

    1 - 4oz black tin container - Scent #3

    1 - 4oz black tin container - Scent #4

  • List your scents in order from largest to smallest

    Please indicate your first scent for the first 8oz candle

    Please indicate your next scent for the second 8oz candle

    Please indicate your third scent for the first 4oz tin candle

    Please indicate your last scent for the second 4oz tin candle

  • Refund Policy

    As scents are subjective and unique as you are, we unfortunately cannot refund a purchase based solely on the dislike of an aroma. We strongly suggest you try our assortment of tealights or individual candles prior to creating your collection. We offer all of our scents individually with the hopes of helping you find your perfect scent collection.

  • Shipping Info

    We make every effort to get your product out to you as quickly as possible.  Delivery times cannot be guaranteed and are estimates only.  You will receive shipping notifications so you can track your package.  I know....We get excited and anxious waiting for deliveries too!

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